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What do you want from your morning coffee?

Coffee is so much more than just caffeine to start your day. It’s an experience starting from the origin country of the coffee beans, through the roasting lab, extracted by your favourite coffee maker and interpreted by your pallete.

At Home Cafe we are addicted to the story of coffee. It is a Fantastic World we live in.


Fantastic World Coffee

For our signature blend, we wanted to bring out the best flavours of both African and South American coffees.

In Fantastic World Coffee:

  • 80% Brazilian Yellow Bourbon
  • 20% Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

South American coffees, particularly this one we selected from Brazil, have rich body and amazing sweetness when roasted well. 

African coffees tend to have delicious fruity and floral taste, and so we picked an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe bean that is famed for its blueberry taste. The farm we buy from uses a natural process that highlights the earthy flavours of the bean.


Our producers vary by season, but we always make sure we are getting top quality coffee from farms who care about their process.

Cupping Flavours

Caramel, Almond, Berry


Bourbon, Caturra, Typica, Ethiopian Heirloom


1300-1900m Above Sea Level

  • We only send out freshly roasted coffee
  • Flavour carefully profiled by our expert roasters
  • Small-batch micro-roastery based in Cambridgeshire, UK



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